Roadrunners and visits from the other realm

I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone the story about Justin and roadrunners. Since the time he moved to Arizona in 2009, Justin was obsessed with seeing a roadrunner. He never did get to see one live. Every time we would drive out of the city, he would look along the highway to see if he could see one. He would always say, ‘maybe I’ll see one today.’ It never happened. Shortly after he passed away last year, I saw one while driving to work one day. Until today, I’ve never seen another one.

This afternoon, I was sitting on a bench in front of our offices having my after lunch smoke. I was sitting there with my eyes closed just taking a little break from the busy day. Something made me open my eyes and turn to my left. I saw this thing that looked like a pretty good sized bird walking quickly along the sidewalk straight for me. I was thinking, ‘what the hell is that?’ It stopped and turned away from the building so that it was sideways towards me and I realized it was a roadrunner. I spoke to him and he just stood there, not moving, just looking at me without a care in the world. I kept wishing I had brought my phone out with me so I could take a picture, as he was less than 5 feet away from me. He stood there for a minute before slowly stepping off the sidewalk and walking across the parking lot. I got up to watch him, and he just kept walking slowly, not freaking out, until he was past the parking lot and into the brush on the other side. He turned just before leaving the parking lot and looked at me again.

I guess Justin has finally seen a roadrunner.

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