The links listed below are all sites that I have found to be fun or helpful to me in some way. They may be online stores that contain items I have purchased or like. Please be aware that some of the links may contain material that is offensive to some, including content of a sexual nature and possible nudity. Click the links at your own discretion.

About Service (These may be full websites or just a single page that contains information I liked):

Organized Home

Etiquette Scholar

Tea Time Etiquette

The Guest Room

Planning for House Guests

Creating a Home Management Binder (These are, for the most part, vanilla. Each of them contains great info and most contain free printables to download. Some of these charge you for printables in their ETSY shops. Before paying, take a look around at the free printables. There are tons! As time permits, I will also upload my own edited printables for you to download.):

Life Your Way

Organizing Home Life

DIY Home Sweet Home

Life More Simply

ListPlanIt – this site is a paid site, however, she offers a 30-day free trial. She has TONS of great printables.

Free Printables – This website has free printables that are downloadable in pdf format. It has over 30,000 printables of a huge variety. Sign up for their email updates, and you’ll get a weekly notice of new forms they have uploaded.

For news, fun, and socializing:




Lifestyle bloggers with some good stuff:

Domestic Servitude

Submissive Guide

within Reality

Stuff to buy:


Ms Martha’s Corset Shoppe


PD Kilts

Lifestyle Non-Profits worthy of your time, energy, and dollars:

Carter-Johnson Library

Leather Heart Foundation

Leather Archives & Museum

Reclaiming Our Leather History

Classes I’ve found to be helpful:

Catherine Gross – BDSM Classes

Conferences worth attending:

Southwest Leather Conference – SWLC

Southeast Leatherfest – SELF

South Plains Leatherfest – SPLF

Great Lakes Leather Alliance – GLLA

Northwest Leather Celebration – NWLC

Leather Leadership Conference – LLC

Master/slave Conference – MsC

Leather History Conference – LHC

Submissive Journey Weekend

Sin in the City – SITC