I will never qualify as a ‘twu’ slave

I will never qualify as a ‘twu’ slave, according to the internet.

When you live with someone, no matter the dynamic, things like PMS, work, teenagers, family, and just plain snarky moods happen. I strive for perfection, but live in reality.

That means sometimes I’m snarky, sometimes I don’t do my job, sometimes I’m not respectful in my demeanor.

Sometimes we have sandwiches for dinner, the dishes sit in the sink, the clothes have to be tumbled before they can be folded because they sat in the dryer for 2 days, the floor doesn’t get mopped, and the bathroom is a mess.

Sometimes I’m prideful in my role instead of humble. Sometimes I know more. Sometimes I am emphatic in my knowledge.

Sometimes I sit at the computer and vegetate instead of doing my chores. Sometimes I am not transparent. And sometimes I don’t shave.

Sometimes I want to pick the movie, sit in the comfy chair, or get the last brownie.

Sometimes I get upset, I raise my voice, and I even slam doors.

Sometimes I’m not selfless or altruistic, I want it to be about me.

But I love without reservation. I am always loyal no matter what. I am always honest no matter what. And no matter how snarky, upset, irritated, or frustrated I may be, I am obedient. And I am owned.

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