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Protect the property?

What does this statement mean to you? Is this a rule in your M/s relationship? If so, how does it manifest? If not, who is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the property?

How do you bring balance to your world?

As slaves, we are often at the beck and call of our owners, which means we may have periods of time when we have little time to ourselves. How do you keep yourself balanced and grounded? What have you found that works for you to help you relax, balance, and find peace?

What are your holiday traditions?

As slaves, we often are only allowed to shop and plan based on our Master’s desires. Are you allowed to buy gifts for your Master? What kind of holiday traditions do you celebrate? Do you celebrate with vanilla family and does this change how you interact? What protocols do you covertly observe when in vanilla

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How does your submissive garden grow?

Is personal growth important to you as a submissive/slave? What ways have you found to foster learning and growth? Classes? Journaling? Reading? Discussions? Does your owner encourage or require you to do activities that foster growth? If personal growth isn’t important to you or your owner, why do you consider it to be unimportant?

Is punishment part of your dynamic?

Punishment isn’t just corporal. It can involve many different things. Is punishment part of your dynamic? If so, what form does it take? If not, how is willfull disobedience handled? What if you forget or something else happens to keep you from executing assignments? How is not doing what is asked/demanded of you handled?

What constitutes service?

What constitutes service to you? Do you see a difference between normal tasks or chores and actual service? What acts of service does your owner ask/demand of you? What acts of service would you like to be able to perform but can’t either because you lack the skill or your owner does not allow it?

Do you have rituals?

Are there rituals you have within your relationship? What are they? Were they suggested by you or your Master/Mistress? What ritual would you like to have that you currently do not have? Are rituals important to you? How do they make you feel?