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Sex, SM, and the newly single girl

Disclaimer: this writing is me thinking out loud. It’s not about fishing for compliments, it’s about processing some stuff. While it’s always nice to get those compliments, I’m much more interested in helpful suggestions/advice, and thoughts from people who experience this stuff in a similar way. I had an interesting conversation Friday night with someone

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Life Moves On

I’ve had a rough few months dealing with grief and emotions and the difficulties of life. But I’ve had some revelations during the last few weeks that have begun to lead to some positive outcomes. And life is looking brighter. I’ve been learning about caregiver guilt. It seems that when one has been a caregiver

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In the Shadows

People come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes, we never know the reason and sometimes we can figure it out. I’m learning a lot this week about love and letting go. I’m trying hard not to own things that aren’t mine to own, and to take responsibility for those things that are mine to

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Protect the property?

What does this statement mean to you? Is this a rule in your M/s relationship? If so, how does it manifest? If not, who is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the property?

Finding Normal

I was asked earlier today if I’ve written anything else about what is happening in my life, and I realized that I haven’t. I’ve been hibernating, and that is something I promised myself I wouldn’t do much of. There’s a lot of stuff that has been going on for awhile now, and I’m still really

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Heart of a Slave

I always enjoy seeing discussions of the romanticized things in our scene, most of which are associated with M/s in some way – the ‘gift’ of submission, ‘slave heart’, a master must master himself, etc.. In the past, I would get very involved in those discussions. But ultimately, I would be told by someone that

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