Welcome to Submissive Circle

This website is the culmination of years of frustration with a lack of reality-based writings for those who identify as submissive or slave. So much of what I found when I was searching for information was drowning in romantic fantasy that most just never truly clicked for me. I went through a period of rather unrealistic expectations that kept me from being happy with any of the dominant men I met, purely because of the drivel that I read on the internet.

Then something clicked in my head. I realized that I was going about everything all wrong. I wasn’t supposed to search out a dominant man with this laundry list of characteristics that were non-negotiable. What I was supposed to do was what I had always done – just be who I am and meet people who interested me.

As I settled on that idea, life became more centered for me, more in balance. I began to enjoy the people I was meeting and find common ground. I became more open to people I was meeting.

This site is a work in progress. I have included things I’ve written over the years and will continue to add to it those things I believe are important for submissives and slaves to know. I also welcome contributions by others, particularly slaves or property, whose philosophies line up with what you see here. In addition, I will include journal entries where I talk about something within my own life, my own path. There will also be journal prompts – questions you can use to think about your own path and journey.

I hope that you find something here that speaks to you and helps you on your own path. Some of this will be SM in nature and will talk about play. Some of this will be M/s in nature and will talk about relationships. Some will be strictly about our role in service, obedience, and submission. And some will be a bit ‘woo’ for many, as there is a deep spiritual component to my ideas on slavery.

Please feel free to comment on any post you like. Ask questions and even disagree, if you’re so called. There isn’t one size fits all to this.

As always, please feel free to email me with thoughts you don’t want to post here, or with suggestions for topics you’d like to see. I can be found at cheryl@submissivecircle.com or azbeachgirl on Fetlife.