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What ifs and regrets

The few weeks since Justin passed have been a roller coaster of emotion. I have received the kink items that I requested from one source, and I have received his wedding ring, collar, boots, and jacket from his dad. They are all here, in the closet or on my dresser. I feel more at peace

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Just Not Today

It’s been two weeks since Justin passed away. Three weeks since we last talked via email and text the night of the event that sent him to the hospital. There has been turmoil and even some ugliness involved that I am beginning to let go of. It’s funny the difference between people who were close

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I am blessed to have a Tribe that loves me. The question I keep getting is, “What can I do for you?”. The reality is that there is nothing I need other than time. The one thing I want, the one thing I’ve wanted for a very long time, no one can get for me.

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